Co-Ordinated Cleaning Creates Calmness

Whilst I was visiting my dear old Ma in her residental care home recently, I was amazed at the level of care the domestic staff went to to ensure each of hte residents’ bedrooms was ultra clean, shiny and hygienic.   The cleaning staff in one block or corridor will liaise with the care teams to try to get into the bedrooms whilst the resident is out for showering or entertainment/being fed.  The rooms are not overly spacious so every bit of rubbish and unwanted stuff is tossed or stashed away.  It gives a feeling of calmness for the resident to come back to a sparkling and fresh smelling room.  It is also so much nicer for the family and visitors of said resident if the bathroom is given a particular rigorous swabbing down with one of the very nice spray cleaners that aodrn the cleaning cupboards on each landing.    They don’t have towling towels but nasty paper ones just now but hopefully the dignity gained from a cloth towl will be restord to each & every one of them soon!


Tips For Managing A Vacuuming Routine

Wow it can be jolly hard trying to keep on top of the cleaning when there are so many other more interesting and absorbing things to be achieved!  I find it particularly hard keeping up with doing the vacuuming – and I don’t have youngsters around any more.   Having recognised my problem – laziness mostly, I resolved to change all this and began to adopt a regular pattern for my cleaning.  Actually it was a near neighbour, a single chap who lives and works at home alone.  He employs a weekly housekeeper and his resume of her tasks left me exhausted just listening.    However, I’ve adopted a few of her routines – dusting round quickly in main rooms every morning; vacuuming every couple of days.  Keeping the stairs fresh with regular vacuuming is necessary otherwise the dust and debris gets ground in and much harder to remove.  I pick up loose hairs from my bedroom floor by hand with an old washing up brush – it’s ideal for collecting up the strays that would otherwise wrap themselves around the brushes on my vac!

Real Fires Can Cause Much Cleaning

I was staying over with some chums recently – they have a simply gorgeous old stone cottage that backs on to fields that stretch on for miles and miles.  This is a truly idyllic spot, more so in the spring and summer it must be said.  Cleaning of carpets, curtains and all the soft furnishings is a regular feature during the low season – due to the amount of farmyard based mud and muck being flung about and the residue seems to seep through the walls and doors!  They do have a real coal fire too and despite assuring me that it’s much cleaner than it used to be in the days, several generations ago, when coal was not clean, this seems to chug out quite a lot of ash and dust.  So in short, lots of cleaning up is needed all the time.  A cleaning agency is just what they need – professional know how for a miniscule fee.

New Cleaning Mantras In Place For Pandemic

My gioodness me we are going through a trial at the moment.  There being no let up in the pandemic restrictions – in face we are now faced with longer and tigher controls to try and rid us of this dreadful blight.  who would have thought last spring that the first noises of there being some kind of global illness spreading was more than just worried scientists going overboard!   The warnings are still there, take extra care, keep socially distanced at all times etc.  What has not been shouted so much from the roof tops of late is the message to wash our hands contstantly – the 20 seconds at least message itself seems to have been diluted.  Whether by intent or simply the thought that we know it now, we still need these reminders.    I see no end of chaps refusing to use hand sanitisers when going in shops and the’re still fighting the dire warnings to wear face coverings.  Hygiene is the by word – as is just clean, clean, clean.

Getting Professional Cleaning After Stormy Autumn

The change from hot sunny summer weather to coller and blustery autumnal does come rather quickly.  We are noticing this with far more storms approaching from the Americas.  At one time a huge force 12 typhoon would be world shatteringly news worthy but these hefty storms are happening far more frequently.  We don’t get the full force here in the UK but we do get the tail ends of them which causes a great deal of mess and sometimes, destruction of trees, fences, and gardens.  This mess then gets into the house and however hard we try to keep on top of the situation, mess and debris lingers.  When it becomes a struggle to clear up autumn mess, engaging the services of a good carpet cleaning company, or general household cleaners will be a boon.  They really can bring the sunshine back into the home.  Somehow they manage to clean really well, they offer a service that cannot be beaten by the average family members!

Even Pet Palaces Get Mrs Mopped Every Week

It has always been a special thing to be able to say you have a cleaner call once or twice a week.  It’s never been something my own family were able to have when I was growing up but I do know homes that are serviced regularly now and my goodness me they are much nicer!  There is something really lovely about being able to enter a downstairs cloakroom and see the gleaming taps and washbasin.  Mrs Mop manages to get the shine deeper than anything I’ve ever achieved.   I can think of one property with just a couple, no children but three very lovable and active pooches.  They make a real mess – dirt and mud from walks, food sprayed around in the eating frenzy twice a day.   Their cleaner is fantastic – in just 2 hours she manages to get the kitchen, dog/utility room and main sitting room absolutely spotless and with a real gleam on every surface.   Worth every penny indeed.

Holiday Cottages Need Regular Professional Clean

Summer holidays – what a lot happened on ours this year.  My goodness we had grandchildren, dogs, walking holidays, boating crew.  Just about anything that could occur, did.  It was a tremedendous time had by all.  Topped off with a neice’s 30th birthday.  Party for that was held in our local sailing club bar.  Luckily they do their own cleaning, not too arduous as it’s all wooden floors, seating etc.

The problems came with the sailing crews and puppy mix down in 3 hired cottages near the sea.  Heaven knows how so much mud got splattered about !  We did our best to contain the mayhem but somehow the mess from each pooch seem to radiate further and further.  In the end we contacted the owner and offered to pay for professional cleaning.  Not a bit of it came the reply  she already hires one every month between the longer stays!

Keeping Carpets & Floors Professionally Comforted

We can usually rely on the weather to start picking up about the middle of March.  It has been rather variable the last few years, but on the whole our collective memories will say that Spring has sprung quite reliably as usual each year and thus summer can be looked forward to.  Not only is this a pleasure for the thoughts of summer holidays  – it also presumes warm, even hot weather!  I get quite excited about warmer weather – it means that my cold damp and very muddy back garden is transformed into a haven of lawn and tidy flower beds.  My house is equally transformed from bedraggled muddy hovel back into the splendid honey carperted castle I like to recall.  Things have got  serious this year, rain and mud set in at the end of September last, and it has not stopped for any reasonable length of time.  Nothing’s had time to dry out and my constant sponging and scrubbing of the carpet is not helping.  I shall be booking the professionals to come earlier for the annual thorough machine clean and condition.  It needs their expertise, particularly as it is now some twenty years old and has served me well with this home clean beefed up annually with a professional scrub up!

When Weather Causes Cleaning Headache, Hire A Cleaner

Things have a habit of catching up with us when we least expect it.  Take this strange weather of late – we’ve so far not had very much of a winter.  It’s been horribly wet and muggy but so far the usual freezing frost and snowfalls forecast some weeks ago have not arrived yet  That part is great, but the messy wet weather has caused all kinds of havoc with keeping the home clean and tidy.  I feel so sorry for all those families with a dog or two!  My neighbour is a prime example – there are 3 adults and a late teens daughter.  And the dog, a gorgeous doe eye labradoodle with a fluffy scruffy coat that is usually a pretty creamy colour.   It’s a strange brown and mud two tone now.  Things got so bad recently that in addition to showering her down after tramps out in the park, they’ve now hired a professional agency to come in regularly to clean the carpets and furniture in the downstairs area.  It does look fantastic in their lounge and the delightful aroma lingers – more so than the natural one that comes with wet dog!

Damp Leaf Mould On Cream Carpet – A Nightmare

Oh my goodness we have had the most ghastly wet couple of months – it is hard to believe that we also had one of the hottest and certainly the driest spring early summer too.  This means that our gardens are gradually getting baked hard in the summer months and then the constant wet in the autumn and winter doesn’t have a chance to drain away.  We noticed it all laying around far more than usual so that our daily walks are now not a case of enjoying the fresh air with sights and sounds of the outside – we’re having to be careful where we choose to walk out.  The dogs are also getting frantic with boredom!  I had an incident recently when my labrador brought in rather more damp squidgy leaf mould and trod it into the carpet.  I couldn’t get the marks out myself but I have now had a professional carpet cleaning agency in to carry out some spot cleaning – and I am both amazed and impressed at the level of service.  Hurrah