Cordless Last Longer But Lack Punch At Times

We’re bombarded with advertisements on tv and in magazines – of course, this is how all commercial publicaitons and broadcasting is funded;  there’s no escaping the constant and relentless urging us to buy this item and test out that.  A couple of items that have started to feature far more are cordless vacuum cleaners.  These are so much easier to use around the house and now that technology has improved, they are able to run for much longer per battery charge.  Nothing more annoying than having to keep charging up a piece of kit halfway through a clean up.   Of course, the suction of these new toys cannot be as good as a plug in machine – and I have experience of this.  It does mean that every few weeks the house will need a really good going over.  Carpets retain more inground dirt if they’re not heavily vacuumed and the new cordless cannot do that.  So getting a carpet cleaning company on board could also be a very good idea.