Damp Leaf Mould On Cream Carpet – A Nightmare

Oh my goodness we have had the most ghastly wet couple of months – it is hard to believe that we also had one of the hottest and certainly the driest spring early summer too.  This means that our gardens are gradually getting baked hard in the summer months and then the constant wet in the autumn and winter doesn’t have a chance to drain away.  We noticed it all laying around far more than usual so that our daily walks are now not a case of enjoying the fresh air with sights and sounds of the outside – we’re having to be careful where we choose to walk out.  The dogs are also getting frantic with boredom!  I had an incident recently when my labrador brought in rather more damp squidgy leaf mould and trod it into the carpet.  I couldn’t get the marks out myself but I have now had a professional carpet cleaning agency in to carry out some spot cleaning – and I am both amazed and impressed at the level of service.  Hurrah