Even Pet Palaces Get Mrs Mopped Every Week

It has always been a special thing to be able to say you have a cleaner call once or twice a week.  It’s never been something my own family were able to have when I was growing up but I do know homes that are serviced regularly now and my goodness me they are much nicer!  There is something really lovely about being able to enter a downstairs cloakroom and see the gleaming taps and washbasin.  Mrs Mop manages to get the shine deeper than anything I’ve ever achieved.   I can think of one property with just a couple, no children but three very lovable and active pooches.  They make a real mess – dirt and mud from walks, food sprayed around in the eating frenzy twice a day.   Their cleaner is fantastic – in just 2 hours she manages to get the kitchen, dog/utility room and main sitting room absolutely spotless and with a real gleam on every surface.   Worth every penny indeed.