Garage Emptying Causes Havoc On Honey Carpet

I do like to keep my honey coloured carpets in a pretty reasonable condition as far as it’s possible with the family activity levels as they are.   Families tend to have lots of sporting activities so this equipment rgularly gets tossed on the floor whilst that missing sock is retreived, the golf clubs get checked over in the warm rather than in the chilly garage.  Then there are the dogs.  Love ’em as I do, there’s no escaping the mess that follows them in their wake.  I have a wash and vac machine that does do a splendid job – you vac up very thoroughly, then after emptying you change the tank and hoses so it can now become a carpet cleaner.  It is very good and makes an excellent job of the carpets but for special occasions, as in our daughter’s wedding the other year, we opted to have a professional carpet cleaning agent come for a weekend  He did the entire house load of carpets and the resulting super clean  brand new looking carpet with that luscious smell wafting for weeks was well worth the fee!