Holiday Cottages Need Regular Professional Clean

Summer holidays – what a lot happened on ours this year.  My goodness we had grandchildren, dogs, walking holidays, boating crew.  Just about anything that could occur, did.  It was a tremedendous time had by all.  Topped off with a neice’s 30th birthday.  Party for that was held in our local sailing club bar.  Luckily they do their own cleaning, not too arduous as it’s all wooden floors, seating etc.

The problems came with the sailing crews and puppy mix down in 3 hired cottages near the sea.  Heaven knows how so much mud got splattered about !  We did our best to contain the mayhem but somehow the mess from each pooch seem to radiate further and further.  In the end we contacted the owner and offered to pay for professional cleaning.  Not a bit of it came the reply  she already hires one every month between the longer stays!