Keeping Carpets & Floors Professionally Comforted

We can usually rely on the weather to start picking up about the middle of March.  It has been rather variable the last few years, but on the whole our collective memories will say that Spring has sprung quite reliably as usual each year and thus summer can be looked forward to.  Not only is this a pleasure for the thoughts of summer holidays  – it also presumes warm, even hot weather!  I get quite excited about warmer weather – it means that my cold damp and very muddy back garden is transformed into a haven of lawn and tidy flower beds.  My house is equally transformed from bedraggled muddy hovel back into the splendid honey carperted castle I like to recall.  Things have got  serious this year, rain and mud set in at the end of September last, and it has not stopped for any reasonable length of time.  Nothing’s had time to dry out and my constant sponging and scrubbing of the carpet is not helping.  I shall be booking the professionals to come earlier for the annual thorough machine clean and condition.  It needs their expertise, particularly as it is now some twenty years old and has served me well with this home clean beefed up annually with a professional scrub up!