Leaf Drop Less Funny For The Cleaner

My family has just moved from a very easy to clean modern starter home in a busy town, out to the country with they now reside in stone converted plendour.  The garden backs on to land owned by what is still a very grand, grade 1 listed stately home, though it’s not been open for visits for many a year.  Their land is full of trees, which look fabulous, especially at night and at sunset.  The only minor draw back to this picture of beauty and wonderment is the amount of leaves that gather on the lawn.  It used to be fun going through the local ark in autumn, kicking up great piles of them – that familiar rustling as you kicked them higher and higher!  It’s not such a barrel of laughs when you have a mountain of them every hour of the day and you want to mow that lawn!

Real Fires Can Cause Much Cleaning

I was staying over with some chums recently – they have a simply gorgeous old stone cottage that backs on to fields that stretch on for miles and miles.  This is a truly idyllic spot, more so in the spring and summer it must be said.  Cleaning of carpets, curtains and all the soft furnishings is a regular feature during the low season – due to the amount of farmyard based mud and muck being flung about and the residue seems to seep through the walls and doors!  They do have a real coal fire too and despite assuring me that it’s much cleaner than it used to be in the days, several generations ago, when coal was not clean, this seems to chug out quite a lot of ash and dust.  So in short, lots of cleaning up is needed all the time.  A cleaning agency is just what they need – professional know how for a miniscule fee.

Holiday Cottages Need Regular Professional Clean

Summer holidays – what a lot happened on ours this year.  My goodness we had grandchildren, dogs, walking holidays, boating crew.  Just about anything that could occur, did.  It was a tremedendous time had by all.  Topped off with a neice’s 30th birthday.  Party for that was held in our local sailing club bar.  Luckily they do their own cleaning, not too arduous as it’s all wooden floors, seating etc.

The problems came with the sailing crews and puppy mix down in 3 hired cottages near the sea.  Heaven knows how so much mud got splattered about !  We did our best to contain the mayhem but somehow the mess from each pooch seem to radiate further and further.  In the end we contacted the owner and offered to pay for professional cleaning.  Not a bit of it came the reply  she already hires one every month between the longer stays!