Serious Annual Clear Out & Clean Up Suits All

Decluttering – a buzz word for many years covering all areas of ruthlessly going through our pocessions and disposing of anything more than 6 months old or not been used for a nano second.   I can’t quite get my head around the need for such drastic measures – if the wardrobe is getting too bulgy, then there will be more clothes than were owned when the wardrobe first arrived.  There can be a gentle cull of the items that have been lovingly kept ‘just in case’ and as for paperwork, how many folk do you know who do toss out masses of documents in their own sanity restoration programme – only to realise 3 months down the line that they need some of them – a bit late now.  The only time I feel comfortable with a drastic clean up is when we have the contracted cleaners come in to ‘bottom out’ the entire house.  We found that a once a year heavy session followed by monthly bursts of activity is sufficient for calm, reasoned life to continue.