Ships Are Very Clean Machines

My family have just returned from a wonderful long holiday in north america.  Being the start of our autumn, we were there for the fall leaves.  To get there we travelled by cruise liner – it was as luxurious as it sounds and I made the very most of it all. The huge buffet hall was a wonder – breakfasts from 5am through 11’s, lunch afternoon tea and on into dinner.  It was a very slick operation.  Hundreds of people through at any one time meant great vigilence with respect to hygiene was needed.  The scare of having any kind of onboard illness sweeping through was taken very seriously indeed.  There were hand basins at the reception of every restaurant and eatery.  There were stewards asking everyone to wash hands carefully and then use hand sanitiser gel before and after eating anything.  The cleaning was fastidious too.  Everywhere you went there were cleaners and stewards wiping down surfaces and tables.    It felt very safe indeed.