When Weather Causes Cleaning Headache, Hire A Cleaner

Things have a habit of catching up with us when we least expect it.  Take this strange weather of late – we’ve so far not had very much of a winter.  It’s been horribly wet and muggy but so far the usual freezing frost and snowfalls forecast some weeks ago have not arrived yet  That part is great, but the messy wet weather has caused all kinds of havoc with keeping the home clean and tidy.  I feel so sorry for all those families with a dog or two!  My neighbour is a prime example – there are 3 adults and a late teens daughter.  And the dog, a gorgeous doe eye labradoodle with a fluffy scruffy coat that is usually a pretty creamy colour.   It’s a strange brown and mud two tone now.  Things got so bad recently that in addition to showering her down after tramps out in the park, they’ve now hired a professional agency to come in regularly to clean the carpets and furniture in the downstairs area.  It does look fantastic in their lounge and the delightful aroma lingers – more so than the natural one that comes with wet dog!